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Valliance is a service company founded in Italy on 2001, offering a range of exclusive business solutions specifically designed to assist vaccine, immune sera and plasma derivative suppliers and distributors, in achieving sales growth and sustainable international business development, through customized strategies.

With offices in Pisa, Rome, Algiers and Tunis, and a network of partners located in different regions of Africa, our team of professional, specialized and highly experienced individuals, focused on Regulatory Affairs, Marketing and Export of vaccines, immune sera, plasma derivatives and biopharmaceuticals for human use, will support market entry, strategic positioning and sales objectives of our customers.

Our well integrated and synergic network of offices and partners, who is in daily contact with National Health Institutions, Regulatory and Procurement Authorities, is the ideal business place to incubate and develop new strategies to help suppliers and distributors.


  • 2001

    Valliance was founded in Rome, Italy on 2001 by a group of executives from the multinational-vaccine business world, with wide individual experience in the international field.

    Valliance History
  • Valliance History


    On 2002 technical and commercial operations started in North Africa with Algiers, Cairo and Tunis as the local headquarters.

  • 2006

    On 2006 the operative office moved to Pisa, Italy, and new sales operations started in West Africa and Middle East.

    Valliance History
  • Valliance History


    On 2013 activities in Algeria were strengthened thanks to the partnership with the new company Biothera Healthcare, established in Alger.

  • 2015

    On 2015 a new team of motivated and synergic people was created for better responding to the markets evolution and to develop the activities in East Africa.

    Valliance History


Through the alliances established since 2001 with our network of partner suppliers, Valliance has obtained agency and distribution rights from several WHO PQ vaccines, immune sera, plasma derivatives and diagnostics for human use, always in full respect of our policy: “Exclusive distribution rights – No conflicting portfolio/territory“.


We offer a wide range of customized Regulatory, Marketing and Commercial services for suppliers and distributors of vaccines, immune sera, plasma derivatives and biopharmaceutical products, responding to the individual and specific requirement of each customer.


  • Evaluation of market and business opportunities based on: (a) Supplier’s portfolio, (b) Dossiers of the selected products, (c) Supplier’s financial objectives;
  • Preparation and submission of registration dossiers to the local Health Regulatory Authorities, and follow up until receipt of the Marketing Authorization;
  • For Public Markets: coordination for the preparation, submission and follow-up of the commercial offers based on the specific rules of each Procurement Authority;
  • For Private Markets: evaluation and selection of local distributors, negotiation for the signature of supply agreements, promotion through our local network of sales representatives;
  • Guidance through the local, specific and complex export practices;
  • Coordination for the executions of supply agreements, opening of credits, and customer service related to the execution of purchasing orders;
  • The continuous presence of one single dealer for a multi-territory market, who can talk and understand your language, help to expand and diversify sales, optimize manufacturing capacity and production, and highlight the risks of each business.


  • Regular supply of quality products at the best prices and conditions;
  • Negotiation of long-term partnerships with suppliers, providing a broad range of products and marketing support;
  • Negotiation of licensing and contract manufacturing agreements;
  • The continuous presence of one single dealer for many suppliers, who can talk, understand and respect your language, customs and traditions.


Our International Network allows us to serve our customers in more than 25 countries in Africa, under the coordination of our offices located in Italy, Tunisia, Algeria and Senegal.



Our offices located in Italy, Algeria and Tunisia allow us to serve our customers in more than 25 countries in Africa.

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